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500×500-B aluminium die case

Short Description:


2.Weight: 4.2kg

3.Module: P2.5/P2.976/P3.91/P4.81/P5.95/P6.25

4.Material: Aluminium alloy

5.Installation: Hoisting,Fixed installation,rental

6.Use of: Indoor/outdoor

7.Accessory: Fast locks,power supply and received card plate,connection piece

8.Cabinet color: Black,Blue,Orange

9.Door color:Black,Blue,Red

Product Detail

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Product information:

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PCB Board


Flight case

8pcs cabinet in one case,10pcs cabinet in one case

Hinging beam

one beam holds 1 pcs cabinet,one beam holds 2 pcs cabinet

Power supply


Power and data connector

20A 3*2.5Nation standard


Feature of product


1.Fast cooling—excellent heat dissipation performance to protect the modular circuit

2.Anti-interference—special anti electromagnetic interference function


4.High precision and flatness,it is through CNC machining,the flatness tolerance of 0.03mm

5.easy to maintain—cabinet can be removed from steel structure in front

6.High universality,can be processed according to module drawing,used for outdoor and indoor

7.Easy installation—Installation takes only 20 seconds

8.The adhesive force of surface reaches the professional standard

9.High cost-effective—large-scale production,complete production&supply chain


Packaging & Delivery

There are mainly three types of packing way:

1. flight case: Flight case is mainly for die-casting aluminum rental cabinet for it is more convenient to load and unload, and shipment. Customers need to pay for themselves


2. wooden case:Wooden case is mainly for fixed installation screen cabinet because it less moves the screen, mostly permanently fix in a location. Wooden case packing is cheaper.Customers need to pay for the wooden case by themselves


3. Pallet: Pallets are mainly used to package some cabinets of conventional size, this is a free charge way of package


Delivery way:

1. By sea:Maritime transportation is a way of transporting goods between ports in different countries and regions by sea lanes, and it is the most important mode of transportation in international trade.


2. By air:Air transport has won a considerable market with its fast, safe, punctual and super-high efficiency, greatly shortening the delivery time, and greatly promoting the logistics supply chain to speed up the capital turnover and circulation.


3.By express: TNT/UPS/DHL/FEDEX,It is more convenient and quick,It is mainly used for transporting goods with small volume and light weight.


Shipping port:shenzhen /guangzhou/tianjin port.

Shipping term:EXW term、FOB term、CIF term

Payment types: T/T transfer,Weston union

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