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Function introduction and case sharing of LED display screen in shopping mall

The use function of LED display screen in shopping mall “video playing function can display true color dynamic video image; it can broadcast closed-circuit TV and satellite TV programs with high fidelity; multiple video signal input and output interfaces: composite video and Y / C video (s / C)_ Video, YPbPr, VGA (rgbhv), DVI, HDMI, SDI (HDSDI); can play video programs such as VCD, DVD, LD with high fidelity; can overlay text, animation and static pictures on video screen; can realize real-time editing and playing functions such as full view, close-up, slow shot and special effects through editing equipment. Brightness, contrast, saturation and chroma can be adjusted by software, with 256 levels of adjustment range; image freezing function; three display modes of VGA + video, video and VGA; horizontal / vertical position compensation function; display synchronization function.

Computer graphics and text information play function can display all kinds of computer information, text, graphics, pictures and two, three-dimensional animation, etc.: with rich play mode, display scrolling information, notices, slogans, etc., large storage capacity of data information. The display screen can set up multiple windows, display calendar and clock, and insert single line flowing text. There are a variety of Chinese fonts and fonts to choose from. You can also input English, Spanish, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Russian and many other foreign languages. The broadcasting system has multimedia software, which can input and broadcast a variety of information flexibly.

There are more than 20 broadcast modes, including left and right rolling, up and down rolling, left and right pushing, up and down pushing, diagonal pushing, diffusion, fan type, rotation, scaling, etc. Display network data information through network connection. Equipped with network interface, it can connect with computer and share network resources. It has standard audio signal output interface to achieve audio-visual synchronization.

The indoor LED displays in shopping malls are mainly P3 full-color display, P4 LED display, P5 LED electronic display, P6 full-color LED large screen, etc.

Quality and price are topics that can never be separated from products. Many customers are very sensitive to price at the initial stage of purchase, and they always like to compare with the market. In fact, this is meaningless. Similar to LED large screen electronic products, stable and durable quality, good display effect is the standard.

Post time: Mar-31-2021