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Since the epidemic, all walks of life in China have been affected to varying degrees in the past three years. Now, every cloud has a silver lining, and ISLE2023 Shenzhen Exhibition is coming as scheduled.

ISLE (International Smart Display and LED Exhibition, International Audio-visual and System Integration Exhibition) was officially scheduled to be held in Hall 9-12 of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an New Hall) on April 7-9, 2023.

This exhibition covers display technology and supporting equipment, LED industrial chain products, audio-visual integration and application, LED lighting, digital signage, and other whole industrial chain technology system ecology.

Exhibition introduction

Relying on the strong background of the professional organizing organization of the Canton Fair, ISLE of Shenzhen International Advertising Logo and LED Exhibition takes 117200 enterprises in China’s advertising/production industry as the target customer group, selects value customers from the database of millions of buyers in 212 countries abroad, and invites them one-to-one.

It also cooperates with more than 200 business associations and industry authorities at home and abroad to attract investment in the form of promotion meetings.

At the same time, advertising information will be released to more than 2000 well-known news and industry media at home and abroad to achieve integrated publicity and investment promotion by multiple media.

Finally, all kinds of purchasing groups based on advertising/logo production companies, media companies, exhibition and display companies, event public relations companies, film and television advertising companies, corporate advertisers, advertising creative design companies, stage equipment rental companies, etc., will bring unlimited business opportunities to exhibitors and achieve the prosperity of the exhibition.

Scope of exhibits

LED, OLED application: an indoor and outdoor LED display screen, LCD splicing screen, LED advertising light source, LED module, LED luminous logo, LED light box, LED stage light

LED packaging technology: MOCVD equipment such as SMD LEDs, High power LEDs, Lamp LEDs, epitaxial inspection, chip equipment and online detection equipment, device packaging and online detection equipment, light source, module and lamp detection equipment, LED purification and dust removal equipment

LED components and materials: LED chips, epitaxial chips, epitaxial chips, and related substrates, LED phosphors, organic silicon, glue, substrates, wire racks, gold wires

Wind power complementation: wind power complementation street lamp, courtyard lamp, system supporting equipment

Smart advertising logo exhibits classification: advertising and digital image production equipment, advertising production materials, logo system, exhibition and display system, service companies, e-commerce, and other supporting services, indoor and outdoor advertising media, mass media technology and equipment, advertising production and advertising gifts

Booth information

Booth No. 1 0 – F 5 0


Exhibition introduction

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Post time: Mar-14-2023