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Why must outdoor full-color LED displays be made waterproof?

According to different usage environments, LED displays are divided into indoor LED displays and outdoor LED displays. Indoor LED displays are generally installed magnetically, while outdoor LED displays must be of outdoor waterproof box type, which adds a lot of cost. Why not use a full-color LED display as a box type?

Outdoors are often affected by weather such as rain and fog, so outdoor LED displays should be waterproof. The outdoor LED display box is processed by an outdoor LED module and a closed box structure, and then assembled by the box body to form an outdoor full-color LED display.

The advantages of using LED light boxes are as follows:
1. Facilitate scheduling, aging and on-site maintenance;
2. Easy to pack and transport;
3. Convenient installation and disassembly site.

The display driving circuit board is fixed in the outdoor LED display box. The switching power supply is installed on the back cover of the box. The back cover of the box is also equipped with exhaust fans, perforated shutters, etc. The inner and outer surfaces of the chassis are sprayed with plastics with anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, and flame-retardant functions, ensuring the working safety of the display screen.

For the structure of the outdoor full-color LED display, the first module should be an outdoor fully waterproof module, the back of the second module should be three-proof paint, and the third layer should be three-proof paint with good sealing performance.

Before leaving the factory, the outdoor case needs to be tested for waterproofing and sprinkled on the surface of the LED display. After many tests, it is guaranteed that the protection level reaches IP65, which is truly waterproof, and is finally delivered to the customer. In addition, the structural susceptible parts of the LED display box roughly include the metal pillars of the screen part, circuit boards, wiring terminals, and connectors; the parts sensitive to water vapor include circuit boards and electronic component plugs. Other parts are engineering plastics (polycarbonate), epoxy resin, rubber, etc., which are not sensitive to water vapor.

Nowadays, more and more users have more requirements for the waterproof box structure of LED display screens, and they have begun to develop into thin and easy to disassemble boxes. But from a professional point of view, it is not a fully enclosed light and thin that can play a waterproof role, and the box structure can only play a role in dust and foreign matter. Small size, inconvenient heat dissipation, and affordable outdoor waterproof box. If water enters a large area, it is not conducive to handling and maintenance.

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Post time: Oct-13-2021